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Young Leaders for Change Logo.png

Previous Projects

Below is a list of some of the previous projects that Young Leaders for Change has led.

30 Days of Service

30 Days of Service was an initiative to complete 30 different service projects in 30 days over the course of July 2019. The inaugural project for Young Leaders for Change, 30 Days of Service impacted over 1,800 people throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, worked with over 21 different organizations, and was featured by media outlets such as NBC, Dallas Innovates, CW33, and more. 

Let's Thrive Now

Let's Thrive Now Transparent.png

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Young Leaders for Change launched an initiative called Let's Thrive Now. The initiative was focused on mitigating the negative effects COVID-19 had on young adults by providing a hub of valuable, free resources for young people to take advantage of during the pandemic. The site also featured videos from community experts providing insights on a variety of topics.

a DFW-based, young adult-led nonprofit dedicated to the development and empowerment of youth.

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