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As announced in August 2020, all regularly scheduled Fall 2020 programming has been temporarily postponed due the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in an effort to still support our mission to empower young people, we recently completed our Let's Thrive Now campaign, where we created a digital hub of free, valuable resources to help young people navigate the challenges of the pandemic.

As we continue to monitor the continually developing situation around COVID-19 and its impact on schools, we are excited to announce a new initiative called Mentor Moments. Mentor Moments is a podcast where I will interview executives and leaders to provide valuable insights to young people who are missing out on internships, career opportunities, and other essential development. The podcast will launch on Tuesday September 15th, with new episodes being released every week.

Thank you,

Alex Quian

Executive Director


a DFW-based, young adult-led nonprofit dedicated to the development and empowerment of youth.